So I was riding my scooter and there was a bump and I was late to jump. So I fell into a rose bush. I got back home and I had cuts on my hands, arms and legs. My mom said ‘’are you ok’’ and I said ‘’yes’’ she said that she had some ting that would cheer me up. My new pc came in the mail today I was so excited I ran to my room and there it was waiting for me on my bed. I plug it in and start to play fortnite a keyboard and mouse came with it to it was so white that it was almost transparent. I love my life.


I think this is an ancer it is an ancer because it has a little hook at the top and it looks like it has weights in it. The story is that  one time a bout was going to stop and go fishing. Then all the water just got draned the boat floated away but the ancer still sat there. some say the bout is still floating in the water with no ancer to stop them.

too salty

I one time spilt salt on my brown giraffe and he melted. I don’t know why but it was greasy and I don’t know why it melted. I think it was sad. So i clean it up but I see something in the melted giraffe. It was a marble and it looked like a dimond. I pick it up and it was hot. I took it to the bank and it was worth $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


When I looked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes it was a potato. It was flying around my room. So I tried hitting it with a bat but I hit my cat the first time and I hit my fan the second time. So I grab it and smash it on the wall then thro it out the windo. I wait. Al the sudden it comes up the windo and smashes me in the face. I grab a blender from the kitchen and I blend it. It became dinner for us. My mom said how did you make this it is very good food.


the school

There ones a door that led to nothing in the middle of nowhere. It was just a door. One day a man walked in the door. It was me.  and what I saw was unexplainable. I saw what looked like a school or something like that. I checked every room and it was a school because it had desks and a chalkboard in every room. I thought why could I not see it. This place looked really old. My best guess would be that the door led down stairs to this place but I was not sure.


We went into a pyramid and the first thing we saw was a wooden box. We were not sure if we were supposed to open it. We did any way. It was empty. what a surprise. So we look around some more and we found a mummy. It was scary. Then we saw the eyes of it glow red. Then we ran out into the car and then we drove away. I was not even in the car all the way. Half of me was in and the other half of me was out the side. I just said drive.


So I am saving up all my coins to by a red ladder. It is called the sinking ladder on pavement. We need to fix the roof because it has a hole in it and every time it rains water comes on to the rug so we need to fix it. And when it snows there is a big pile of snow in the living room. But the good thing is it is fun to play in. are hole living room is like a winter wonder land.


We went to the store and got some vinegar. When we got home I said the vinegar is too sharp. And my mom said what do you mean. I put it up to her nose. I said sniff. She did and when she did she said WOW. we go back in the car and went to the store. And we almost got the wrong one again. We made sure we got the right one. We got home and it spilt on the ground So I said there goes that.


   So this kid that I sit next to in music class can’t shut up so I smash a guitar over his head. But for some reason it was completely out of tune. So I got in trouble and I had to pay for a new one to but that one was only $20 and that was cheap and when I started using it right away I new why it was only $20. So I smash that on his head to. So I got kicked out of music class. He said I can’t come hear anymore so I got that going for me.

The Artist


Some artist went to jail one day then he excaped and went to the park to vandilised some stuff. He made these people to show how many people were in jail and how they whould line up. He made them stuck in the grownd so no one would take them out. After that he ran away to new jersey to do it again but the cops caught him and sent him to life in prison. So people go there to see them and that art is still there. People also think it a jungle gym and clime on it. This one builder took a crain and pulled it out of the ground.